Monday, January 3, 2011

3 new accessories

Well...I spoke too soon. This morning I entered the NICU to find a crowd around Juliet's bedside. The surgeon was there because her incision was opening wider and her stoma was leaking into it. He was making a contraption to try to prevent that from happening. Juliet was also more edematous and more lethargic than yesterday. She could barely open only one of her eyes. She was back on high doses of her blood pressure medication since her kidneys stopped adequately functioning last night. (If her blood pressure is too low, her kidneys don't work.) They had already done a ton of labwork and had ordered an ultrasound of her abdomen and liver, a follow-up chest xray, and a cardiac ECHO. They removed her other chest tube since it wasn't in the right spot and was no longer draining fluid.

By mid-afternoon all tests were completed and all showed a large reaccumulation of fluid in her lung space - on both sides. They had to put 2 new chest tubes in to drain it. They also attached a wound vacuum to her open incision to help it to heal. This child can not catch a break.

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  1. Wow, Jess. The roller coaster ride continues. Juliet never has a dull moment. I can't wait for the day that she does. Hoping and praying that they can get everything under control again and put an end to the madness. I know you and Chris are hoping the same. I am familiar with the wound vac. Tom's Mom had one to finally heal her bedsore. They are wonderful at healing the wound and helping it to heal faster. Without it, Tom's Mom's would have never healed. Stay strong for your little fighter. Better days are ahead. I feel it! We are on the prayer path and will continue to ask for good things to happen. Know that we are with you all the way!
    Love and hugs........aunt laurie