Thursday, September 30, 2010

Making Progress

The issues that Juliet was having over the weekend have seemed to improve. She is now tolerating her feedings. And, actually isn't requiring the SLOOOWWWW feedings over the pump anymore. Today she even got to try a BOTTLE for the first time. She still needs a lot of practice with the whole breathing while eating thing, but she'll get it. As you can see from the picture below she is now in an open crib! No more isolette! She had been getting too hot in her isolette - particularly when she was swaddled. She looks like such a big girl in her crib. As you also may have noticed, she sleeps A LOT! This needs to improve if she is going to successfully take a bottle and/or nurse. Maybe being out in the open crib where it's a little noisier and not quite so cozy will help.

They went down on her oxygen today, as well. She is going to be in great shape going in to her surgery. The downside of that is: it's going to be VERY hard to see her back on the ventilator again and not feeling good after her surgery. We'll just hope for a quick recovery and that she will be back to looking this cute soon! Her eye exam was...OK. The doctor said it "didn't look worse" than last week. But the jury is still out if it is "stable". They will examine her again next Tuesday and be sure that it is actually stable before sending her to surgery. The stress of surgery/anesthesia could further damage her eyes if they aren't stable.
Today, on her 12 week birthday, she weighs 2460 g - that is FIVE lbs 6 oz!! She's come a LONG way! Although, I think at least 3 of those pounds are in her cheeks and double chin. :)

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