Friday, September 10, 2010

Seriously...can she really be TWO months old?

Juliet has been a part of our family for only two months now and I can't even imagine a life without her. As of today, Jules weighs 3 lbs 10 oz! She continues to grow and get stronger in preparation for her next surgery - which is probably about 3 weeks away. She has SO much personality already. (It's a little bit scary, actually. I'm really worried about when I have 3 wild teenage daughters under my roof.) She has gone up a little bit on her feedings. She is now getting 7 cc of milk every 3 hours. However, she is now getting it VERRRRY SLOWLY over 90 minutes! This is to prevent reflux and to try to keep it in her very short digestive tract for a little longer. Everyone continues to feel optimistic about her progress and prognosis. Below are a few pictures of her recent NICU adventures.

She looks so grown up when she wears clothes.

A bald spot (from an IV) and a bear on her bottom!

"WHY do you make me wear such silly hats?"

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  1. Oh... that face and those cheeks, I can't stand how much I want to pinch them! She looks awesome! Keep up the good work, Juliet (and Mom & Dad!)