Monday, September 27, 2010

What's going on in bed spot 18?

Jules has had a few minor ups and downs over the last couple of days. On the down side, her heart rate and respiratory rate have been elevated. The team is still trying to figure out why. Also, she wasn't tolerating her feedings of milk - wasn't really digesting them. They made several changes to the way they are feeding her since Friday and so far today, she seems to be doing better. On the up side, I spent a LOT of time doing kangaroo care. It really settles her down. Her heart rate and respiratory rate always go down when we are snuggling. Then I have to put her back in her isolette and she gets SO mad! She also keeps gaining weight. As of today, she is 4 lbs 14 ounces! Almost to the 5 pound mark! Here are a few recent cell phone pictures. I need to stop being so lazy and bring my "good" camera in for another photo shoot.

One of Juliet's nurses bought this dress for her! It's courderoy! She has MORE clothes than any baby in the NICU right now. (They like to keep her left arm out of the sleeve to keep an eye on her PICC line.)

Last night, I got to help give her a bath! She needed a complete overhaul. I washed the top half - which included lifting up her giant neck/chin and discovering some lost treasure hiding underneath! ;) Seriously, all of her fat is migrating under her chin! The cheeks she gets honestly. Here is a picture of her face TUBE FREE!! As part of her overhaul, we changed her tape and I had to sneak in a picture before we re-taped her tubes.

After her bath, we dressed her in her leopard print onesie! As you can see, the bath wiped her out!

Tomorrow is her eye exam. Keep your fingers crossed that her ROP has not progressed.

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  1. Hi Jess. She is just adorable in all those outfits. We're glad she's gaining weight so beautifully too. Josh and I will keep our fingers crossed for the surgery on the 11th. Sending healthy, positive vibes and healing energy. Juliet is a fighter!!!