Thursday, July 29, 2010

3 Weeks Old

Today is Juliet's 3 week birthday. The last week has been even a little rougher than the first two. You'll notice in the picture below that she is very swollen. The yellow "ear muff" is to block some of the noise from the jet ventilator. The jet is providing 420 "vibrations" per minute and tends to echo inside of her isolette. She keeps running out of locations for IVs so she now has one in her scalp. I will say, even though all of this "stuff" seems very uncomfortable, she is staying fairly relaxed. (She has the help of some Ativan and Fentanyl to keep her comfortable, but whatever it takes...)

The BEST news of the day: her blood cultures from yesterday morning remain NEGATIVE! Let's hope this trend continues....we need several more days of negative cultures. We have the first one, now let's keep it up.

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