Friday, July 16, 2010

The Blog

In an attempt to keep everyone in the loop about Juliet, I have created this blog. I will update it frequently and will include some pictures so you can watch her grow. Hopefully, this will help to field some of the phone calls and emails. I know that everyone is thinking of her and wants to know how she is doing. This will be a way for me to get the info out to everyone with the least time constraint to me.

Please know that I love getting your phone calls and emails. However, I will probably not have the time to return every call. I hope you understand and will come to this blog to get updates.

Thank you SO much for the love and support you have all shown our family over the last week. It is so touching to know what an awesome community we are a part of. With all of the people pulling for her, Juliet is bound to grow to be a strong and healthy Smith girl.

Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts!


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