Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Needing a "good day"

Remember that roller coaster I just talked about? Well, we are in desperate need of a "good day" to make up for the several "not-so-good" days we've had.

Juliet's tiny body is trying SO hard to fight this blood infection. As a result, she is needing multiple transfusions a day, and she is now on a different type of ventilator. On Tuesday, I returned to Norfolk to find them putting Jules on the jet ventilator. It gives her more "forceful" breaths to try to increase the amount that her lungs are expanding. Yesterday, she was requiring MUCH higher levels of oxygen (up to 100%)in order to keep her vital signs in an acceptable range. She is very swollen (actually has a double chin) and was given a dose of Lasix to try to help get rid of some of that extra fluid.

The doctors have ordered SEVERAL tests to try to find some explanations for her most recent behavior. They will look at her kidneys, her heart, her brain, and her abdomen. All of the tests will be done today. Her blood cultures (that they take EVERY day) continue to grow bacteria.

As of this morning, she seems to be a little more comfortable. Her oxygen requirement has dropped to 30% and her chest x-ray showed a little more lung expansion - which is good. We really need today to be a better day.

I should also add a little "Happy 2nd Birthday!" to Juliet's big sister, Mackenzie. I can't wait until we are celebrating Juliet's birthdays.....

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