Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Roller Coaster

I'm already NOT a fan of the NICU Roller Coaster. Juliet had a few good days early in the week. Then, on Thursday night, she started looking very sick. SO much that her nurse almost called me in the middle of the night. The medical team made several changes to her care that night and by morning she was looking a little better. Her tiny body is working so hard to fight the blood infection. She is requiring blood (and/or platelet) transfusions almost daily. She is really at a disadvantage trying to fight this with basically no immune system and such an immature body. Her blood cultures continue to come back positive. Right now, this is her biggest risk. We NEED the infection to clear.

On a positive note, her 2nd cranial sector scan came back normal. This is fantastic. Preemies are at risk for brain bleeds - these can cause long term issues in many areas. The fact that her brain continues to look good is a great sign.

Additionally, her lumbar puncture was FINALLY done yesterday and came back normal, as well. This means the infection has not spread into her spinal fluid.

Juliet continues to need very little support from her ventilator. If she were not so sick with her infection, the doctors would consider taking her off of the vent fairly soon. It is just too risky, though, while she is still septic.

Today, I was able to assist in her hands-on care. I changed her diaper, cleaned around her abdominal drains, and repositioned her into a cozy little bundle. It's nice to actually be able to interact with her.

So, there are definitely some good days and some bad. Let's just hope the good ones far outnumber the bad. I said to a nurse yesterday - "I know it's going to be a roller coaster. I would just prefer if it were the "kiddie ride", with little hills instead of big ones."

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