Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Who knew they made such cute clothing for 2 lb babies?!

I came in to the NICU to find Jules ready for a party. Thanks Becky for dressing her and thanks Kelly for the micro-preemie outfits! She's ready for surgery tomorrow and should be back to partying-form in no time.


  1. Oh, sooooooo cute! The best picture yet. They just keep getting better. Micro-preemie clothing? Never heard of such a thing but a great idea! She's adorable. She looks like a little "mini mouse"!
    What a nice surprise for you from your friends. I must say though, the tag on the dress is almost as big as she is! And I LOVE the hearts on her cheeks! Jess, she is so sweet! By the time I meet her, I'll be ready to burst with love!

  2. Good luck in surgery. The army of prayer warriors is in full force! She'll be fine and will do well at this battle too. Prayers and thoughts will be with you and her all day. Our little "Rambette" will get through this.
    Love to you all.