Monday, August 30, 2010

Off the Vent!

Juliet came off of the ventilator today! Yahoo! She did great - I was there when they removed the breathing tube. She looked a little shocked at first, but eventually settled down. She now is just getting some high-flow oxygen through a nasal cannula. The team will continue to wean this down as well until she no longer needs oxygen.

She is now getting 2 cc's of milk every 4 hours - getting up there! :) (They started feeding her again on Saturday at 1 cc every 6 hours.) The next few weeks will consist of going up slightly with her feeds, going down on her oxygen, and letting her intestines heal and grow until it's time for her next surgery. Hopefully, she will continue to gain weight and get stronger so that she will tolerate the upcoming surgery without difficulty. Today she weighed in at 1370 g. That is just about THREE POUNDS! Some of that weight may still be some extra fluid, but we'll take it!

I will get my camera in there this week and get some new pictures.

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  1. Sounds like she is doing well. Hoping things continue that way. What is the next surgery she will be having? And when? Glad to hear she is growing and eating more. Hopefully, this will help to make her stronger and ready for anything. Can't wait for more pictures!