Wednesday, August 4, 2010

going to surgery tomorrow

Well, we found out this morning that Juliet will be having surgery tomorrow morning. The medical team feels this is her only chance to get better. They feel it is best to perform the surgery sooner rather than later, because she is relatively stable right now. If they wait, she may become sicker and then have even more difficulty tolerating the surgery.

Juliet spent the day getting "tanked up" for surgery. They gave her blood and platelet transfusions. They weaned her off of the jet ventilator and back to a conventional ventilator, since the jet can't really go down to the OR. Which, I will add, she did fantastically with. They spent all day decreasing her settings - she was telling us she really didn't need to be on that jet ventilator anymore. She looks good today.

She will go into surgery mid-morning. The surgeon will perform an exploratory laparotomy. They will closely examine every centimeter of her intestine, as well as liver and anything else that concerns them. They know from the study yesterday, she has an obstruction in her small intestine. This will need repaired and may require removing a portion of her intestine. She may or may not need an ostomy after this. It will depend on how much intestine is involved. They also will be removing the abcess on her liver. It will be a very complicated surgery - particularly on a patient that weighs 2 lbs. The surgery will take several hours to complete.

Chris & I are going in to the NICU early tomorrow morning. The nurses are going to let us hold Juliet for the first time. It will be a very special time to tell her how much we love her and give her strength to get through surgery. I can't wait.

Please continue to send positive thoughts and prayers to Juliet. She has a very big day tomorrow. She needs all of the strength she has and strength from all of you to make a quick recovery. I'm not sure if I will get an update up tomorrow night, but I will do my best. Thank you so much for your continued support of our family.


  1. Jess & Chris,
    We are all hoping and praying that Juliet's surgery goes well. Strength comes in numbers and I have many friends and co-workers praying for you all. Juliet has proven to be a fighter already. I feel sure she will fight through this day too. I'm so glad you are finally able to hold her for the first time. I'm sure you are anxious and that the strength you have shown throughout will radiate to her. Please give Juliet a hug and kiss from me. We will be thinking of you all, as we have been everyday, and praying for a successful surgery and quick recovery for Juliet.
    On a sidenote: One of my co-workers told me today to pray to the Mother Mary to ask her son, Jesus, to help Juliet. She said that Jesus always wants to please Mother Mary so he will obey her. I am hoping Mother Mary answers our prayers. Although we are not there physically with you, know that we are standing with you. We love you all. Stay strong for Juliet!

  2. To re-word what I tried to say earlier but couldn't remember:

    When you want something really bad you pray to the Virgin Mary and ask her to have her son take care of things, for Jesus will not turn a deaf ear to his mother.

  3. Juliet is in our thoughts and prayers this morning. Enjoy your snuggle time with her!