Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I must say, I was impressed from the very first moment I stepped into the NICU at CHKD.

I was terrified walking through that doorway, but when I peeked into Juliet's isolette for the first time and found her so PERFECTLY positioned in a Snuggle-Up, I knew we were in a good place. My little 1 lb 14 oz peanut looked SO comfortable and the entire medical team at CHKD made that their goal for the entire 5 1/2 weeks we were there.

I was very happy that we made it to Norfolk before Juliet was born. Working in pediatric acute care, I had definitely heard of King's Daughters and I knew it had an excellent reputation. Little did I know, I would experience that reputation first-hand. The professionalism that I encountered while there was remarkable. I met so many supportive people who "took me under their wing" and helped me to cope with the stressful situation at hand.

Thank you to the many nurses (especially Juliet's primary nurses - Kelly Ann & Kathy) who skillfully, yet gently, cared for Juliet (and her mom!)

Thank you to the doctors (attendings, residents, & surgeons) who gave Juliet a chance at life and helped her to get where she is today. You have given her a great start and she wouldn't be here without you!

Thank you to the parent support coordinators who were by my side as much as they physically could be - just short of sleeping at the Ronald McDonald House. :) (And when they weren't there, they were texting me to make sure I was OK.) Maureen & Marnie, you knew when I needed a hug. You knew when I needed to talk. You knew when I needed to cry. Thank you for being there - I needed you! :)

Elizabeth - thanks for running to me with all of the developmental supplies you could find. :) Thanks also for keeping Juliet calm during her transition to the jet - I don't think she desat'ed once! :) Thank you to the social workers, case managers, lactation consultants, secretaries, staff at Ronald McDonald House and anyone else whom I may be forgetting. The support that you showed to our entire family was remarkable.

I will miss you CHKD. Keep an eye out for us at the reunion.

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  1. Thanks CHKD! You guys rock! And lest Jess has forgotten, her arrival in Norfolk included helicopter blades and gurney wheels...not to much steppin' :-)