Sunday, August 15, 2010

what's new?

not too much..... Juliet is now 5 weeks old. Her personality continues to emerge. She is becoming more active and alert. She continues to show her fiesty-ness and her desire to be the center of attention! Uh oh!

Her extra fluid has finally gone down enough for the team to find out how much she ACTUALLY weighs. Before, they were just kind of guessing, since she was so swollen. It turns out, Jules is now a whopping TWO and a HALF pounds (1100 g). Go Juliet! Over 1000 grams! Once they determined a more accurate weight, they were able to increase her lipids/proteins accordingly, so she should start to gain a little more.

Her incision has started to open up, but the GI nurse practitioner put a fancy dressing on top of it to keep it clean and infection-free. The surgeon saw it yesterday and said it still looked good. Preemies have such fragile skin - it's not uncommon for this to happen.

I was able to kangaroo her again on Friday. My friend, Shannan, was here and got a few pictures - see below.

One of Juliet's primary nurses - Kelly Ann!

(cell phone pic)

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