Monday, August 23, 2010

Preparing for another surgery...

Sorry for the "lapse" in updates! It's been a little hectic since returning home. I am SO happy to be here. It's great to be able to put Addison & Mackenzie to bed every night and to spend all day with Juliet. Chris has been going to see Juliet almost every night. It is so good for ALL of us to be together again - as a family. On Saturday, we brought the girls in for a visit. While there, we took our first picture as a "family of five". :)

Juliet has had a great couple of days. She continues to do well off of the ventilator. She had a normal eye exam and started getting breastmilk again on Saturday. She is getting 2cc every 4 hours (5cc = 1 tsp) through the tube in her mouth. She hasn't eaten "real" food since July 17th. We have to start VERY slowly with the feeding to make sure her intestine can tolerate it. She won't gain much nutrition from the feeds, but will benefit from the enzymes and antibodies. She will continue to be on the TPN (IV feedings) for her calories, fats, proteins, etc.

On another note, the medical team has decided to proceed with the surgery for her PDA. (This is the opening in her heart that reopened after her abdominal surgery.) They will put a tiny clip into the opening to close it. The cardiac surgeon will perform the surgery right in the NICU, rather than taking her down to the OR. However, Juliet will need to be put back on the ventilator for a few days. This is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. Like her last surgery, Juliet may have a rough couple of days immediately following surgery. We will hope this phase passes quickly and she can be back to her spunky self in no time.

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  1. Glad you are all together again as a family. I'm sure it was very hard on all of you. There's a certain PEACE about being close to home. Prayers and best wishes for a successful surgery. We are hoping her recovery will be easier on her than the last time. I will stir up my army of prayer warrriors to help her through this hard time. Thanks for keeping us posted. Love to all......