Monday, October 18, 2010


Juliet turned 100 days old on Saturday. In honor of her milestone birthday, here are a few of our milestone "firsts" over the last 14 weeks:

2 weeks old - saw her eyes for the first time
4 weeks old - Chris & I held her for the first time
6 weeks old - breathing without the help of a ventilator
6 weeks old - heard her cry for the first time
12 weeks old - out of the isolette and into a REAL crib
12 weeks old - drank from her first bottle
14 weeks old - holds her own pacifier in :)

I'll try to get my camera in there tomorrow and get some new pictures. She's over 6 pounds now! (Her due date is this coming Friday - she will be a pretty good weight by then!)

On the surgery note, she is on the schedule for this Thursday morning. Keep your fingers crossed it's a "go". We don't need ANY more delays in this child getting home! Her infection has cleared and she is fiesty again!

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