Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Not feeling so good

Juliet is still having a rough time. As you can tell, she is still swollen. Look at her poor ear - that's actually smaller than it was yesterday. This extra fluid is starting to cause more problems with her lungs and heart. Also, she has to stay on the ventilator until the fluid goes down. She really doesn't feel good. It is too hard for her to open her eyes and she hates that tube down her throat. I really don't blame her. It is really hard to see her like this. She is just reminding us that SHE is in charge and everything will happen on HER schedule. I REALLY need a fast-forward button right about now. I'm ready for this roller coaster to be over.


  1. Oh, poor Juliet. I am so sorry that she is struggling and not feeling well. I hope things get better very soon. We will be praying for her and for all of you. It's not easy to see or hear that she is having a difficult time. Hang in there and pray for all good things. We are thinking of you all, laurie

  2. Jess - We are thinking about you daily. My 6th graders have adopted little Juliet and we are praying for her everyday. Please let Garrett and I know if you need ANYTHING at all. - Amanda

  3. Jess we are still praying for Juliet here at CHKD. Thanks for keeping the blog so we can follow her progress. We celebrate all her victories too. Kathy sends