Friday, October 29, 2010

A rough night followed by a few baby steps

Last night was not so good. Juliet was having a lot of trouble moving air through her lungs under the resistance of all of the fluid. We got a call around 2am to let us know they were going to put her on the jet ventilator to try to increase the pressure into her lungs and prevent her lungs from collapsing. About 40 minutes later, they called back to tell us she did not tolerate the jet ventilator and she was back on the standard ventilator at higher settings. Needless to say, I could not sleep after that.

She is on a few new antibiotics - since the assumption is that all of this extra fluid is being caused by an infection. Her blood cultures remain negative, however cultures from her endotracheal tube and her abdominal incision have both grown enterobacter. This is the bacteria she was growing in her blood when she was so sick at King's Daughters. In the last 24 hours, they did chest xrays, an abdominal ultrasound and a heart echocardiogram. All of which just show a lot of fluid everywhere. There was nothing on the abdominal ultrasound that would indicate a problem with her intestines. There is fluid on her lungs, around her heart and pushing up onto her diaphragm. All of this fluid makes it even harder for her heart and lungs to function. Hopefully, the antibiotics will kick in very soon and stop her capillaries from leaking all of the fluid.

Chris and I spent the day with her today. I sat and told her how strong she was and to keep fighting. I told her how many people are pulling for her. I told her about her big sisters and how much they want her to come home. I told her not to give up.

Overall today, she seems to be doing slightly better. Her blood pressure was remaining more stable and they were able to come down on her ventilatory support from last night. I haven't heard what her weight is tonight. I am hoping and praying that she has not continued to gain more fluid. Thank you for all of the messages of hope, love and prayers.

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  1. Baby steps and moving forward. Praying the corner is turned and that Juliet is on the road to recovery after a long hard week. Thinking of you, Chris, and your three lovely girls.
    All our best,