Saturday, October 30, 2010

gained more...

Juliet gained even more fluid last night. She is now just an ounce shy of 12 lbs. One of the primary ways she gets fluid out is by peeing and she really didn't do that much last night. It is very important that her kidneys continue to have good function so that she can get the fluid out.

This morning, she had great output. The doctors and nurses were optimistic she was turning the corner. Her morning chest xray showed the fluid on her lungs was less. She seemed to be moving some more fluid out. Chris and I spent the morning with her but tried not to bug her too much so she could be relaxed and rest.

I just called to check on her and her output has slowed as the day progressed. Her blood pressure has also gotten low again and they had to give her a bolus of fluid to pick it back up into an acceptable range. I hate that they have to give her MORE fluid. I think they are still optimistic, but maybe not quite as much as this morning. I'm going in for another visit tonight and will update again if I'm not too exhausted.


  1. A friend called to ask me to pray for your little Juliet Grace as today is a particularly difficult challenge for her. As I have read your blog, I have come to know and love Juliet Grace. She certainly is a great gift to you and your complete family. From your thoughts shared, it is evident she has revealed her great qualitites and her persistence to reach beyond the circumstances to touch all of us. I do not know her future, but I know the ONE who HOLDS her future...and over all my years of living I have learned that He can be trusted. Please know "Jules" is affecting my heart and my life I hold her in prayer before the Heavenly Father. Please give her a big kiss from me, someone she has never met but one who loves her for who she is...God's perfect gift. Nita Wood, West Palm Beach, Florida

  2. Just wanted you to know we are thinking of you and praying for all good things for Juliet. I am also hoping that those antibiotics kick in very soon. The roller coaster continues for you. God has a plan for Juliet and we don't know what it is but we do trust in him. We are praying in numbers for her complete and quick recovery and peace to you all too. Love you.

  3. Jess, all of our love and best thoughts to you, Chris, Addison, Mackenzie, and Juliet. Our hearts are with you and we are hoping so hard that Juliet's condition improves very soon. We can only imagine what you are going through. If there is any way we can help from afar, please do not hesitate.