Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Feeling a little better

Jules seems to be slowwwwly getting back to her old self. She was more awake today and cried louder than I have EVER heard her when her nurse was trying to empty her bag. That's good. We want her to be fiesty! It means she's actually feeling up to giving a sh*t and not just lying there feeling sick.

The current thought on the cause of this infection is her central (PICC) line. It has been in for over 2 months and the infectious disease doctor believes it probably has a clot that is growing bacteria at the end of it. The plan was to pull the line out this evening and give her IV nutrition, antibiotics, etc through peripheral IVs until her blood is clear and they can put in a new PICC line. The downside of this is central access lasts a LONG time. Peripheral access typically only lasts a few days before the vein collapses and Juliet has to "get stuck" again for another one. PICC lines minimize the number of times my poor little peanut has to be jabbed with a needle. So, hopefully she will clear this infection ASAP.

She had a nice visit with her big sisters tonight. The child life department had a "NICU SIBLINGS" group session tonight with medical play, arts/crafts, a lesson on germs & handwashing, and a doll with the same lines/tubes that Juliet has. The girls really enjoyed it and were especially happy that Jules was wide awake to greet them. Addison kept poking her chubby cheeks. Even a 4 year old can't resist those things. ;)

Surgery has tentatively been re-scheduled for late next week. This is dependent on Miss Juliet behaving herself. We aren't going to tell her the actual date - we don't want her trying to get out of it again.

Thanks for all of your well wishes the last few days. It was really discouraging to postpone surgery, as that was possibly the biggest step for her to get closer to home. I know that it will happen eventually...when the time is right. I just can't wait.


  1. Jessica--Juliet is a beautiful little girl and I am sending prayers for a speedy recovery from this infection and deeper prayers for a successful surgery..Bless you all. Becky Hinkle

  2. Hang in there Girl. Someone, somewhere has a plan. I know when I get back to the US you will have a happy, healthy, colostomy free Juliet in your arms. Thinking of you always! Becky M

  3. Jess, you and your family are continually in my thoughts and prayers! I hope the infection clears soon! I know how much you all want your little sweetheart to be home with you. Sending lots of love your way! Tara Burkholder Saunders