Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Step Backwards

Well, the roller coaster hasn't ended. Juliet is septic again. She is growing bacteria in her blood and is back on antibiotics. She has had a fever and is requiring more oxygen. Yesterday afternoon, her nurse noticed she was warm. They started antibiotics and drew blood cultures. The cultures have already grown positive, but the doctors are still waiting to hear exactly what she is growing. The source of the infection is still unknown, as well. They called us in the middle of the night last night to give consent for a lumbar puncture. They wanted to culture her spinal fluid. This has so far come back within normal limits. Possible culprits could be a urinary tract infection, an infection in her central (PICC) line, an aspiration of milk into her lungs, pneumonia, or a variety of other things. For now, they will just try to keep her comfortable and treat her symptoms. It could be a few days before we know exactly what caused the infection.

As a result, she will NOT be going for surgery tomorrow. This is a heartbreaker. We were all so excited to move past this next surgery. We will have to wait until she is no longer septic. They want her nice and stable before taking her to the OR. We hope the antibiotics will work FAST and she will be feeling better again very soon.

I guess we just had too many "good" days. I should know better. Three steps forward, one step back.

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  1. Jess and Chris, I can only imagine how terrifying and frustrating it must have been to get that late night phone call. E.J. and I are thinking really good thoughts for Juliet and are hoping this is just a minor setback. She has already proven what a strong little girl she is, and we trust she is going to make it through this latest hurdle. Lots of love to all of you!!