Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Slooooowwwwwly Recovering

Juliet is taking her own sweet time recovering from her surgery. She is still on the ventilator and is still on a lot of pain medicine. She is also still VERY swollen. Her poor ears look like they are going to burst. Most of her swelling is from her chest up. The doctors are hesitant to take her off of the ventilator because she will have to breathe against so much resistance from all of the extra fluid. She gained almost 2 1/2 pounds just in fluid. It is kind of a fine balance between having her alert enough to move some fluid around, but not agitated and in pain. She doesn't really like to be messed with and is too unstable to hold. She is not eating yet - maybe by the weekend.

Today, she had her weekly eye exam and her ROP remains "stable" at a "moderate" level of severity. This basically means it hasn't gotten any worse (to "severe"), but hasn't improved either. She doesn't need dopamine any more (for her blood pressure) and should be finishing her antibiotics tomorrow. So, she is making very gradual progress to her pre-operative state. I just hope she loses some more of that fluid by Sunday - or she's NOT going to fit into her Halloween costume!

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