Sunday, December 5, 2010

A few new things

After some discussions, it was decided not to do a CT scan of Juliet. The type of CT scan Juliet needs (with contrast) could not be done due to the decreased functioning of her kidneys right now. Instead, they did an abdominal ultrasound to explore her gut a little bit. This showed a small abscess (pocket of infection) under her abdominal wall, but not inside of her intestines. It seems small enough to be treated with antibiotics, but if that doesn't work, they can use a needle to aspirate it (using ultrasound to guide them).

The abscess doesn't explain the green vomit. One possible explanation for that is her Lovenox (blood thinner). They monitor her blood levels to follow that medicine and the level was slightly higher than it should be. They stopped giving it to her for a few days, will recheck the level tomorrow morning and based on that may restart the Lovenox. She hasn't vomited in a day and a half. We aren't positive, that was why she was doing it, but right now, it's the best explanation. That seems to be the case with a lot of Juliet's issues. She really is doing her best to challenge ALL of her doctors.

Respiratory-wise, she is doing pretty good. She is still on the high-flow cannula in her nose and she seems to be settling in. Yesterday morning, her breathing was fast and labored. But, after a dose of diuretic, it improved. Juliet is SO sensitive to fluid - the littlest changes can have big effects. Her weight remains good. Her kidney functioning remains fair. She is off her blood pressure medicine. Her attitude remains fiesty. :)

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  1. That sweet little girl. I hope those antibiotics kick in and give her the relief she needs fast - for her and for you all. And the medicine issue I hope too, that as it is adjusted to the right level you find that to be the culprit or the green stuff. I really hope for much better days starting now... she's such a fighter, she deserves a breather.

    Love and care to Juliet and all of her family in this with her. (again, I don't know you, but, just FYI, I'm Laura in H-Burg (I know your mom a little so I'm not totally random :) ).