Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why can't she be boring?

Juliet continues true to her personality and is making me crazy. First the good news, she came off of the ventilator today and has been doing well with breathing on her own. Her weight is down to her "actual" weight.

Now in typical Juliet fashion, she has begun something new. Since last night, she has been vomiting nasty green stuff. At first, they were worried her intestines may have perforated again. However, on further review of several xrays, it was determined that is probably not the case. Could it be an intestinal obstruction? Maybe. Could it be something else? Possibly. They took several more xrays this evening and are considering taking her down for a CT scan. This is much easier now that she is off of the vent and they have been wanting one anyway to look at the clots. This would give them a much better BIG picture of her condition. They were considering starting to feed her again today, but not after this newest development. This child really needs a good lecture about her behavior.

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  1. I don't know what to say on this one. Juliet always seems to keep us amused and guessing on what's next. Hoping that the CT scan shows what's really going on. I'd be nice if they could finally start working on getting her repaired and back to new. Your patience is amazing! Glad you are able to hold on to your sanity and move forward each day. I'm sure it's not easy and you are anxious for things to be better. Me too. We are still praying for her complete recovery and peace for you all. Juliet will get through it, as she does, and hopefully not look for more trouble. And I thought I was feisty!