Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Little Daddy-time

Chris was finally able to hold Juliet on Friday night. He has not held her since October and boy was he happy to finally be able to get in some snuggling. Jules looked like she enjoyed it, too.

She has had a few good days - but don't tell her that. She has started getting breastmilk again - although the doctors/nurses are making it "skim" to help prevent exacerbation of her chylothorax. In the next day or two, she will have a contrast study to look at the second section of her intestine. If it looks good, they will start feeding her through her other stoma (in addition to her stomach) so that ALL of her intestine will be digesting milk. This is in hopes of decreasing her TPN (IV nutrition) and improving the condition of her liver.

We are still dealing with the chest tube issue - as both chest tubes continue to drain a significant amount of fluid on a daily basis. Most doctors say this takes a LONG time to heal itself - hopefully soon they can be removed so she can be more active.

Let's hope Jules has another good week and continues in this direction with minimal hurdles. That would be the best Christmas present we could ask for.


  1. Beautiful moment in this photo. May this week bring blessings of healing and health to Juliet. She really hooks you - that little face - those eyes...

    Love and care to this little one and her whole family...

  2. So glad Chris was able to hold her again. Love the pics. Hoping that Juliet continues on this upward path for a long time so she can heal and move on to real life outside the hospital. Anxious to meet her if my trip plans out right. Great to chat with you on the phone the other day. Everyone has been so strong for her. The power of prayer is awesome!
    Love you all...aunt laurie