Monday, December 13, 2010

Sitting?? She's Not So Sure

Yesterday, I tried to sit Juliet up for a little while. She liked it for about....5 minutes before she started trying to cough/gag out her breathing tube. Hopefully, she will get rid of that in the next few days. The physical therapist in me is going crazy with her spending the last 7+ weeks basically on her back. I can't wait to be able to really exercise this child.

She has had a few pretty good days and has gradually been returning to her spunky self. She loves attention and is happy when people stop by to talk and sing to her. We also seem to have several little elves running around the NICU. Little gifts keep appearing at her bedside. I have found 2 Christmas MOOSE, cute little socks, and adorable shiny silver shoes. Jules definitely gets a lot of love. All she has to do is look up at you with those big eyes and you are hooked.


  1. Glad to hear Juliet is having good days. Hoping the breathing tube will be out very soon. The less the better, I'm sure. You won't know what to do when you don't have to carry around all the extras that are attached to her. Won't that be a great day! Then you can really exercise her! Continued prayers and well wishes to you all. Can't wait to meet our little fighter.
    Thanks for the updates. Love the pics!
    Love to all...........aunt laurie

  2. The PT in me shed tears of joy to see that beautiful baby sitting up on her wonderful mama's lap. I can't wait for the day that she gets rid of that tube as I know you can't either. Thanks for continuing to share your journey. -Becky M

  3. I LOVE when you get to hold Juliet! Hope it's soon to become the norm :)