Friday, December 31, 2010

Playing again

Jules lost a lot of fluid yesterday and is able to open her eyes again. She is SO much happier when she can see what's going on and "play" with her toys. They have been able to decrease her ventilatory support as the fluid starts to come off. We need several more days of this good behavior and she can come off the ventilator. She will be VERY happy then.

She still has in one chest tube but it is only draining fluid from the swelling. She is not accumulating the fluid in her lungs that required chest tubes in the first place. Wherever there is an exit, her body is "leaking" fluid (ie. her nose, mouth, old chest tube wounds, teeny hole in her scalp where she had a blood draw yesterday morning....) Her body is trying to get rid of the fluid anyway it can.

She is going to get some milk today. She has had a few weeks off from feedings during her latest episode of misbehavior. Again, they will start VERY slowly with the milk - 1 tsp every 8 hours.

Under the guidance of the speech therapist ( :) ), I have been using some scented chapstick on her lips to give her some "positive" input to her nose/mouth. She loves grape and strawberry. I think she likes the smell and it makes her lick her lips. With that ET tube down her throat, she needs some "nice" things associated with her mouth.

She looks good today. It was encouraging to spend time with her this morning - the last day of 2010. Let's hope 2011 brings Juliet strength, good health, good nutrition, and a trip OUT of the hospital.

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year to your entire family. I will be praying that 2011 will bring you all great happiness and continued progress with Juliet..God Bless....Becky Hinkle

  2. Love the chapstick Jess!
    Glad Juliet is feeling better today! Have a happy happy new year and know I'm thinking of you often!
    Jen Fudge

  3. Yes. Trip out in 2011 - and soon soon soon! Love the chapstick for her :) That's great. Crazy, the draining everywhere - but good I guess, huh? Sweet little thing.... Happy New Year to all of you - with prayers for full healing for Juliet as quick as her little body can do it :)

  4. Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year!!! Wishing nothing but wonderful things for your family and especially Juliet in 2011! :)

  5. So happy to hear good news for once. I enjoyed my short trip to see you all. Will have to do it again sometime! I feel that 2011 is going to be a better year for all of us. Praying that all good things come your way and that Juliet can get home asap. Hope your Anniversary was great and you got some time to relax and enjoy yourselves. Love you.....aunt laurie