Thursday, December 16, 2010


off the vent! Yesterday afternoon, Jules was extubated. She has been doing pretty well with her breathing since then. She is looking like herself again. Her chest tubes are still draining fluid - but it has slowed down a little bit. She has had a few other issues (minor ones in Juliet terms) - her kidney function has been up and down, she's been having some bleeding from her incision, her electrolytes have been back and forth, her pain meds need constant adjustment etc. etc. But it wouldn't be Juliet if she didn't have something to keep everyone busy.

I just got back from a brief visit with her. She was wide awake, so we sat her up for a little exercise. She did much better this time! Chris is visiting her now - I think he is going to hold her. He hasn't held her since October 21st - the morning of her surgery!! He will be on Cloud 9 when he gets home.

I realized I never posted the picture of Juliet actually wearing her Halloween costume. On Halloween night, she was too sick to wear it, so the nurses just layed it on top of her. A few weeks later, when she felt a little better, they actually put her in it. Enjoy!


  1. Hurray! No vent!! Go Juliet.

    This photo is so amazingly cute and adorable it hurts.

    Yay for mommy visits and exercise and sitting up!

    Love hearing daddy will get some holding time. Love it. It feels good thinking on that, because I know... I know how wonderful it is to be at a place where you can hold her and to hold your baby after so long. I know she'll love it too.

  2. What wonderful news...I am praying that all continues to go in a positive direction...Merry Christmas to you all...and God bless those Christmas Elves.....Becky Hinkle

  3. Well, Isn't she just the most perfect little lamb...and it fits her perfectly.....what a sweetheart. Yay Jules! Keep going!

  4. She is so precious! The lamb costume is adorable.