Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Juliet continues to make progress in the right direction. The edema is almost gone. Her blood cultures remain negative and she should be ready to come off of the ventilator very soon. Let's hope her 4th extubation will be her last.

She had an eye exam this afternoon. The opthamologist was VERY pleased with her eyes. He said "she's out of the woods" and doesn't need to see her for 6 months! This is great news.

The next few hurdles are: get off the ventilator, start eating, and stop draining from the chest tubes. These are BIG hurdles and could take some time. I'll keep you posted on her progress.


  1. She's on the uphill....good for her. I will be looking forward to her getting off the ventilator and some new pictures. Glad to hear that she is out of the woods with her eye problems. One thing at a time....we'll take it! Still praying for you all and hoping that things continue to get better. Go Juliet!
    With love.......aunt laurie

  2. Baby steps for a sweet baby girl! We love progress, and will keep praying for more! Martha

  3. She's getting there! I'm so glad to hear the great news from the opthamologist. That's truly a blessing! We're thinking of you! -Tara Burkholder Saunders

  4. Way to go Ms. Juliet...Keep up the great progress and get home soon...Becky Hinkle

  5. So glad the edema is down and that her eyes are doing so great! Will send positive thoughts her way.