Tuesday, November 9, 2010

She's not giving up yet

Juliet continues to fight in a way that is unbelievable to me. She had an extremely rough night last night, with frequent episodes of dropping her heart rate and oxygen levels. This meant her heart and lungs were really suffering. Her morning chest xray showed very large collections of fluid around her lungs. This fluid was basically squeezing her heart and lungs so much that they were unable to adequately circulate blood to the rest of her body. As a result, her kidneys stopped working. The only option at this point was to put in two chest tubes to drain the fluid from around her lungs. By 4:00 this afternoon, those tubes had drained almost a pound and a half of fluid and Jules was looking much perkier. Her kidneys began to slowly start working again as well.

We had a long talk with her medical team about prognosis and the "big picture". Her doctor admits he is much less optimistic now than last week about her being able to recover. However, he also says it is too soon to stop fighting. He thinks there is still a chance she could pull through and agreed to tell us if that changes. Chris and I don't want Juliet to suffer or for any of the interventions they are using to cause more harm than good. Our feelings were heard and we are happy to be working with a medical team that we trust.

So Juliet keeps fighting. She inspires me everyday in her determination and spirit.


  1. If only we all had that determination and spirit that Juliet has! She truly is an inspiration to all of us. We haven't given up hope on her recovery. She is such a fighter and I am so proud of her. It is evident that she wants to stick around a while and that God wants her here with us. I am so happy that the roller coaster is heading up hill again. These ups and downs are really wearing us out. I prayed today, all day, since I couldn't get Juliet off of my mind. I prayed for God to let that nasty fluid in her tiny body turn to Orange juice so that the Vitamin C in it would help to heal her. I know that sounds silly but I was trying to turn a bad thing into something good and useful. So it is. Either way, she is showing small signs of improvement and that is good. Keep it up Juliet! We are with you all the way! The prayer warriors are not giving up and are working so hard to help you get well. I also am thankful for the medical team that is caring for and watching Juliet so closely.

    Please let Juliet know that her Aunt Laurie loves her.....love and hugs to you all.
    Hoping and praying for better days ahead.

  2. Jess & Chris, I see yesterday as a turning point. I think you were willing to "let go" if it meant it was the best for Juliet. Had to be an agonizing decision. There's an expression "Let go and let God." I'm excited about what He is going to do! Love, Betty

  3. Jess,I too, had Juliet on my mind all day and night. I prayed and prayed, had a photo of Grandma & Grandpa in one hand and Pat Drew in the other. I asked them to ask God to help little Juliet. I pledged all of my faith to God and said that if she had overcome so many obstacles so far,she has to get well.She has a purpose here and for that we pray for her healing. We are with you all in thoughts & prayers. love, Aunt Carrie

  4. Jessica, Juliet has been on my mind a lot over the past few weeks, Zack and I are praying for her and your whole family through out the day.

  5. Holding you all close in prayer every minute of the days - Mark and Mia

  6. We are praying for you and your family. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. -Tara Burkholder Saunders