Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The past 36 hours...

Yesterday was an emotional day. We met with several specialists to try to optimize Juliet's medical treatment. The NICU team consulted with the GI , nephrology, and infectious disease teams. Each of those teams had a few ideas of how to best change her medicines, fluids, etc to try and stop the persistent swelling. The NICU team was open to their suggestions and made SEVERAL changes to her treatment plan.

Chris & I then had a meeting with the neonatologist and the social worker. They explained the critical turn that Juliet has taken over the past week. They expressed concern that she may not be able to pull through this - but they also can't say that she won't. It was presented that if these latest changes to her treatment do not work, we may not have any other options to make her better. It was very hard to talk about the seriousness of her current state. We have definitely been thinking it was this bad, but to hear it was extremely difficult. So we left the meeting hanging on to hope that the new medicines would be what she needs to turn the corner.

By yesterday evening, Juliet's urine output was starting to improve. By the end of night shift last night, she had peed more than she had in the previous 2 days combined. Some of her morning blood levels, led the team to believe she was starting to actually hold onto some of the fluid in her blood instead of just leaking it all out into her cell walls. (It's a lot of very scientific stuff that is a little complicated to explain on the blog.) Yesterday, was the first day in a week that she actually had more output than intake. They did not weigh her last night, but she should not have gained too much if that was the case.

Today continued with more peeing. I have said many times today "I never thought I would ever be SO excited about PEE!" :) Her output wasn't quite as high as it was last night, but it is still A LOT higher than the previous days. Her heart rate and blood pressure have been good today - they even weaned some of her blood pressure medicine. She is also on several new pain meds and sedatives. They are trying to wean her off of Morphine and onto Methadone over the next day or so.

We are all feeling slightly more optimistic than we were yesterday. However, we agree it is still too soon to jump for joy. A few more days of consistent output and vital sign stability and we will breathe a little easier. Keep the prayers and positive thoughts coming! Juliet can feel your love!


  1. Jess & Chris,
    I guess I'm feeling a little bit relieved. Although I know that Juliet still isn't out of hot water. I am hoping that she continues on this path of improvement. She has proven she is a fighter so it wouldn't surprise me if she pulls through this one too. Glad you were able to get some answers and hopefully a small bit of relief as well. As they say, "two heads are better than one". Hopefully all the talk yesterday will result in continued improvements for Juliet. I have been praying for the doctors and nurses too. Praying that God will give them the knowledge they need to help Juliet and also to give you strength and hope to help her fight. My Prayer Warriors are working overtime! I have such great friends and they are following every move. Talk about feeling the love! Best wishes for better days ahead and quick improvements for Juliet.
    Pee, baby, pee!
    Love you and feeling your pain....Aunt Laurie

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  3. OOPS, didn't mean to delete the last post.
    Wante to say:

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 is in the air!

  4. We are thinking of you all constantly and praying for Juliet's continued strength and future improvement. You are in our prayers.

  5. Jessica,you and your precious family have been in my thoughts in prayers.

  6. Not praying types in this household but we're all praying now. We're right here if you need us.


  7. Jessica,

    Zack and I are praying for Juliet and Chris and yourself!! I had not been on the blog since late last week and didn't know what she was going through, I will pass the word around so others will be praying for her too. She is strong!

  8. Jess
    I am so happy to read today's post! I was worried about Juliet after seeing her on Monday. Such a shock since I had not been to work since her surgery. I am happy to hear about all the positive signs that have happened in the past 36 hours. Keep moving in that direction Juliet. Keep up the fight.