Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Holding Pattern

Juliet has been in a little bit of a holding pattern. She continues to drain a significant amount of fluid from her chest tubes. Her electrolytes keep getting wacky. The only nutrition she is getting is TPN. She seems to be dehydrated. No major changes have really occurred in the past few days. They have just been giving her some extra fluid and managing her electrolytes to make up for the fluid she is losing. We are all hoping the chest tube output starts slowing down soon so they can be removed.

She is happy to be off of the ventilator and has spent most of the last two days (and nights!) awake and active. Today, she finally got some good sleep. She really didn't want to miss anything. The highlight of the weekend was I got to hold her yesterday!! Not a good snuggle hold, just on a pillow on my lap. But I'll take it!

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