Thursday, November 18, 2010

Look At Me!

Juliet is OFF of the ventilator!! She was extubated yesterday morning, but the team was threatening to put her back on, so I didn't post. (I didn't want to jinx it.) :) She had a good night last night and an even better day today so I think it's safe to share. Her electrolytes are still a little off and she is dehydrated because of the fluid restriction she has been on the last week and a half. The changes over the last 24 hours have mostly been to address that. They are now giving her extra fluid to make up for the fluid that continues to drain from her chest tube. When will her chest tubes stop draining? Only time will tell.'s one of my least favorite things right now.
Juliet continues to be such a little fighter. I have a feeling, throughout her life, she will accomplish ANYTHING she puts her mind to.


  1. This picture makes me SO happy!! :)

  2. She is just gorgeous...looking so much like your girls!

  3. This picture is the greatest! Even after all that Juliet has been through, she is smiling! So anxious to meet her and tell her how proud I am of her. I also can't wait to get all the hugs she has yet to give and to hug you too for helping her to fight the battles. You have shown such strength and she has drawn her strength off of you! Hoping and praying that all good things continue for Juliet so that she can recover quickly and go home to her family.
    With love and hugs to you all....aunt laurie