Monday, November 22, 2010


Juliet gained almost a pound last night. Her face, neck, and chest were visibly more edematous today and she was having some difficulty breathing. Her chest x-ray showed more fluid on her lungs and her chest tubes continue to drain fluid. Her kidneys also decided to stop working again. I was very discouraged as I walked in to find such a different picture today. After a few med changes, in hopes to spark her kidneys and increase her blood pressure, she looked a little more comfortable by the end of the afternoon. An ultrasound of her chest, neck, and upper extremities was ordered to look for a clot that could be contributing to her fluid issues. (The echocardiogram a few days ago didn't specifically show a clot, but based on the blood flow, one was suspected.) Chris is visiting her now - hopefully he will bring home a more positive update.

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