Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Getting a little fluid out

Juliet has had a pretty good 48 hours. Her output is FINALLY more than her intake. She is visibly less swollen - especially in her face. They haven't weighed her since Sunday night. (She is very sensitive to all touch, so they are trying to minimize how much they do to her.) However, she should be starting to lose some weight based on the above.

Her ventilatory support was decreased a few times this afternoon. Hopefully, with some of the fluid coming off, it is easier for her to breathe. They started giving her a paralytic to keep her from moving. They want her movements to be minimal for a few reasons right now. First, her ET tube can not come out - it would be very difficult to try to get it back in if it did. Second, she has an arterial line in her foot that is very positional and is crucial in getting blood samples and a constant blood pressure. Her surgeon spent 3 hours on Monday night trying to get that line in her and they do NOT want to lose it. She is running out of spots for IV/line access. Also, the thought is if she just rests and stops trying so hard to be active, her body will get some good healing time.

We definitely are not out of the woods yet, but at least we are heading in the right direction. We need a good full week of losing fluid and progress to get us closer to where we need to be with her stability. Thanks again for all of the thoughts, prayers, and offers to help. Chris likes to say, "Juliet will repay everyone in hugs when she gets better!"


  1. I just heard about Juliet this evening from my daughter-in-law, Beth Johnson, who knows you from CHKD. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I will be checking in regularly and will keep praying! Owen's grandma Johnson

  2. Jess & Chris,
    Glad things seem to be going a lot better. Juliet will pull through. She is well on her way! Stay positive and keep your chins up.
    Love you.........Aunt Laurie

  3. Hi,
    Laurie is helping me to set up a Google account so that I can comment too. I talked to you yesterday and was glad to hear better news. I love you all....Grandma