Saturday, November 27, 2010

Feeling a little better?

The extra fluid/swelling is starting to come off. Juliet has lost about a pound and a half over the last 2 nights. She is able to open her eyes again and is becoming more active. Actually, I haven't seen her eyes yet, but Chris did last night. He said to her "Juliet, why don't you open up your eyes for Daddy?" And she DID! Maybe she is more obedient than we thought! ;)

Just like the last time she gained all of the extra fluid, they will wait until it's almost all gone before taking her off of the ventilator. We have to wait until the chest tubes are no longer draining such large amounts before she can start to eat again. We have to wait until her feeding is established before taking her off of her IV nutrition. We have to wait until she doesn't need IV meds before removing her central line and taking her off of blood thinner. That's a lot of waiting. She's worth it.


  1. She most certainly is worth it! Hoping that the waiting doesn't become too long. We're still praying and hoping for all good things for you all. Keep it up Juliet!
    Sending strength and hope your way....
    Hugs and love.......

  2. Hi, I know that we have not met but I wanted to write a note of encouragement. I got your blog info from Betty Held at Clearwater First Assembly yesterday. I had an opportunity to share about my grandson who was 1 lb 8 oz. when he was born 2 years ago. He was 4 months early and the only hope we had was in the Lord. The doctors and nurses did not believe he would make it. We had the awesome privilege of watching him develop in the incubator...right down to watching the cartilage grow into the flaps of skin on the sides of his head that became ears! What a miracle he is! Today he is a healthy (almost 2 year old) boy. God has a special purpose for him, just as he does for Juliet Grace. Please know that I will be praying for you in Clearwater Florida. God Bless you!!

  3. Another - "you don't know me comment" to say I'm thinking of you and your whole family. Praying for Juliet - so much. I read with my heart in my throat - we lived at Children's Hospital of Philly for a while after our Gwen was born...I have a special place in my heart for these little fighters (our story is very different, but any baby or child in a hospital hits home) - and their families and for the nurses and doctors -all in my heart. Juliet is worth it all - you bet :). My Gwen was. She was...and if I have any say in it - Gwyneth is an angel watching over your Juliet (one of a few "assignments" she has from me since I know so many "little fighters" at CHOP and elsewhere)! May you have the strength of Three as you all wait - May Juliet be stronger every day. I hope that soon, we readers here can see her bright eyes too... I look forward to that day!

  4. God Bless you all...My prayers and hugs are still coming your way. Way to go Juliet, you are a little warrior in this battle we call life...Becky Hinkle