Saturday, November 13, 2010

Making up for lost time

Jules was awake basically the entire day yesterday. She wanted to interact with everyone that walked by. Her nurse hung a toy down from the top of her bed so she had something else to look at. She spent all day moving her arms trying to get the toy. She even had a few books read to her. No one could resist stopping to talk and play as they walked by. Everyone is just so happy to see her feeling better. After three weeks of not being able to see anything or even move, Juliet was taking advantage of every minute.

Her weight last night was down to 7 lbs 8 oz. It is so good to see her looking like her actual size again.


  1. This is such great news! What a precious picture of Juliet too!

  2. mackenzie came up to the unit with childlife yesterday, they were blowing bubbles and playing games. she is adorable and won our hearts! i almost took her home with me right there. miss seeing you.

  3. Excellent news! Beautiful photo :)